Using a thimble might seem difficult at first, but it is all about the movement of your hands and changing your muscle memory. When you start using a thimble properly, your sewing talent will automatically get better.

Abruptly, your stitches will become more even and smooth. Also, your sewing speed will increase. This article contains all the required information you need to learn how to use a thimble.

Using a Thimble

thimble with threads to sew leather

Often people find it hard to use the thimble initially, but gradually they get used to it. A thimble is good as it gives good control over your needle. It feels like you have an extra hand attached to your sewing hand, but once you get used to it, it will be of great help.

This is helpful for people who have long nails because your nail fits outside the thimble, where there is a pad of your finger, and your finger is protected while using a thimble.

Now it is very important to use your thimble in position and get your fingertip protected by the needle pinch. Due to the use of a thimble, the needle does not go down there which would be terrifically painful as you can imagine. Most modern thimbles that people buy are not worthy enough to buy as they do not fit in properly in your finger.

Therefore, the antique thimbles are good to buy. These antique ones are of silver, that is steel covered and there is a silver plated thimble. This fits well around the finger, thus keeping your finger safe from the needle. Also, it is long enough to fit well in your finger.

colorful thimble (yello and blue)

The traditional thimbles are solid and long enough to make you feel comfortable while sewing. You don’t have to worry that it will come off and you need to set it many times.  It further helps you to push the needle and allows you to stitch without letting the needle go off.

You just need to set a proper hand movement position so that it becomes for you to continue stitching. However, there is a lot of practice required for using a thimble and gradually you get used to it.

Many people wonder why is it good to use a thimble. So when you use a thimble, your fingers are saved from sweating which makes them slippery and makes you lose your grip oversewing.

3 metal thimble on a dark background

So it boosts up the grip of sewing. Also, you tend to have fewer finger cramps due to these finger guards. So it is a must to use thimbles when you are hand stitching, to give yourself a wonderful experience of sewing.

In Short Summary

So this was all about using a thimble. We hope this article delivered useful content to you regarding thimbles and you have a clear idea of it.

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