5 Different Types of Sewing Scissors & Their Use


Recently, many people are becoming fond of stitching and some are even pursuing this as their professional work. Many people discuss needles, thread, sewing machines, and fabrics, but rarely do people talk about scissors. Scissors also play an important part in the sewing world.

There is a bewildering array of scissors and there are various kinds of scissors for every skill. For instance, there are embroidery scissors, cutting scissors, sharp small scissors, and many more. Below there are some of the unique scissors described in detail.

Types of Scissors

We brought five types of scissors and their main features.

1. Stalk Scissor

stalk scissor

These are the embroidery scissors that are used mainly for embroidery purposes. These are known as stalk scissors as they look like a stalk. They are very commonly used today and they come in a huge variety of colors and designs. They have a pointed tip and a long blade and are generally small in size. These are great for cutting the threads.

2. Curve-end Scissor

curve end scissor

These are again compact size scissors, having a sharp and pointed tip, but they have a curved end. These are very great and loved by people who need to do some precise cutting near the fabric. So this curved-end saves the fabric to cut along with the actual piece that requires cutting.

3. Light-weight Shears

light weight shears scissor

These are some of the best scissors as they are lightweight and suitable for every kind of fabric. They can easily cut the fabric accurately.  They are a little pricy but worth buying. Once you get these scissors, you can keep them for years without any doubt. So this is a great choice for the tailors and those who love to stitch at home too.

4. Singer sewing scissor

singer sewing scissor

These are regarded as great scissors, as these come with a whole set of scissors and these scissors are perfect for tough fabrics and thread snips too. They are fitted with comfortable grip handles and offer high levels of comfort to the user. They are multifunctional, highly durable and elegant, and have comfortable padded grip handles.

5. Ginger scissor

ginger scissor

Also known as an 8-inch knife, these scissors are an ideal choice to buy. These are designed decently and with stainless steel. This is again a very common scissor used by many generations. They are available at a very nominal price and give the best in the sewing world. They are best on every fabric and the user can do impeccable cutting with this pair of scissors.


Choosing the correct scissor for sewing and stitching can be tricky for some people who are new to the stitching world and do not have knowledge about stitching accessories. Some people do not give much importance to the different kinds of scissors needed for various sewing tasks. And they tend to prefer only one specific pair of scissors that they like.

However, choosing an ideal and perfect scissor that suits well your stitching work is important. In the above article, the different types of scissors are discussed briefly for your convenience. We hope this helps you in choosing the best scissor according to your requirement.






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