In this article, we have shredded down some of the greatest pieces of suggestions from the best tailors and quilters. This blog speaks for anyone new to the stitching world or might need some guidance on the how’s on sewing. We wish you the best of luck with your sewing passion. Here in this guide, we have listed down some very important guidelines which every person needs to know and should keep in their mind. 

Tip-1: Prep Your Fabrics

Before you setup, your beautiful sewing kit and the sewing machine, always make sure the cloth needed to be patched is properly ironed, and well-cut (if you’re starting to stitch from scratch). This helps overcome any unnecessary hustle before you get on the good part.

many leather textures and colors

Tip-2: Testing on a Scrap

Oh, and before you slip that ready-to-be-stitched fabric under those sewing machine needles, be sure to test a scrap of cloth to test out your machine’s settings. Whether the thread-tension is on point, or if the stitching is loopy, just in case for utmost safety.

Tip-3: Perfect your Color Schemes

Choosing the right color of thread is the most important bit here. Keep in mind that the more the matching of the thread color, with the fabric color, the more foolproof your stitching will come off as. 

Tip-4: Drifting Along the Curves

sewing a part of leather jacket

This one’s a tad bit tricky. While you’ve started your sewing spree, make sure you slow down on any turns between the fabric for a smoother stitch. Try using both hands, to get a better steer for a stitched curve. 

Tip-5: A Sew a Day, Keeps other Tailors Away!

Practice, practice, practice until you get the hang of the sewing art. Play around with the needles, the threads, stitching, and patching different pieces to perfect your hands on a sewing machine. This tip most likely outdoes all the other ones, obviously because all the best tailors out there live by it.

Tip-6: Maintaining your Sewing Machines

Last but not the least, be sure to give your sewing machine some love. Change your needles as required, oil that machine once in a while, keep it covered from any dust and dirt and keep your threads and quilts organized. Your sewing machine will thank you for this, trust me and your sewing will always end up, flawless. 

leather sewing machine maintenance

Let’s summarize the discussion. These were the crucial tips that are mentioned for those who are new to the stitching world and want to learn stitching techniques. We hope this article was a piece of help to you.

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