How Successful is Brother ST371 HD In The Stitching World?

The Brother ST371 HD sewing machine is considered as the strong and tough machine among many other heavy-duty sewing machines. This is also a very rough and tough sewing machine that enables its users to easily stitch the heavy-duty fabrics on it.

The ST371 HD sewing machine can stand for heavy fabrics and material stitching and this means that it can easily cope up with the thickest fabrics like jeans and types of denim as well. The other features and functions are briefly discussed in the article below.

Heavy-Duty Functions of Brother ST371 HD

The Brother ST371 HD sewing machine can simply stitch heavy-duty fabrics very easily and uniquely. You will get a very fresh and fine stitching result. This specific sewing machine has been designed for basic heavy-duty projects and for those who are learning how to stitch, this is the best for them.

This sewing machine comes with a whole set of necessary accessories which are required throughout the stitching process. These include the zipper foot, the standard foot. Also, it has 37 built-in stitches and this is easily available on Walmart and Amazon, easy access for most people.

This machine appears to be not so pricy and is available online for around 299 to 300 dollars. This can seem to be a little costly for some people who buy other standard sewing machines at a price below this. However, if we compare the price with its high-end features then the price appears to be justified.

Moreover, if we talk about the Brother ST371 HD sewing machine, so it can sew up to five layers of any thick fabric perfectly without any issues. So at this point, this proves to be fine and working all good. However, when it comes to seven layers of stitching or more, it does have a skipping stitches problem here. So this can be a serious issue for the professionals.


Almost all the Brother machines have the same method of threading the needle. However, for the ST371 HD, you need your thread right on the top over the thread spooler then the second step you have to take your thread down and then pass through the tension. After this, straight away take the thread up the lever and then down the front through your last thread.

However, the best part of this sewing machine is that it contains an automatic threader, once you set up your thread appropriately, it will itself make a number 4 shape, and pull the lever and finally thread your needle. All you have to do is that just pull over the tiny loop and you are done to start on.


It has got some amazing accessories and features which work well for the everyday users of this sewing machine.

1. Built-in Stitches

It comes with 37 built-in stitches, this is a benefit for those who love stitching in different styles and different stitches. So this is a perfect feature for them.

2. Free-Arm

Most sewing machines do have this feature in them. This allows them to have a flexible hand while stitching cuffs, sleeves, pants, etc. This is considered a very unique feature and one can utilize this in a very effective and creative way.

3. Finger Guard

Now, this feature again is a very useful one. This helps prevents your finger from getting hurt while stitching. Many people get so engrossed in the sewing process that during the stitching process, they do not take care of the position of their finger and unconditionally get it hurt by the needle. So this is a must-have feature for every sewing machine.

4. Easy Hand-Carry Support

Unlike many other advanced machines, the ST371 HD sewing machine does not come with any extra case to cover the machine and protect it from dust. But it has a built-in handle to help you carry it from one place to another. So this makes it an easy portable sewing machine. otherwise, it gets really difficult to carry the entire sewing machine, thus increasing the chances of machine deterioration.

5. Durable Metal Needle Plate

The metal needle plate is far much better than the plastic needle plate. The metal structure makes it work longer and stronger.

6. Needles

As the ST371 HD is advertised for heavy-duty tasks, it also consists of heavy-weight needles. These are specially for the heavy, rough, and thick fabrics such as jeans, silk, etc. using these will cause no issue stitching the heavy-duty projects.


  1. Dimensions: 12.21 x 16.10 x 7.87 inches
  2. Product weight: 14.3 pounds
  3. Stitches: 37 (built-in)
  4. Warranty: twenty-five years
  5. Speed: 800 stitches in a minute

Our Likes and Dislikes

  • The automatic needle threading system
  • Heavyweight needles more heavy-duty projects
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • 37 built-in stitches available
  • Consists of many useful accessories
  • Simple and smooth stitching quality.
  • Perform heavy-duty tasks
  • Manual thread cutting system
  • Plastic material
  • Not fully automated sewing machine


So this was the entire overview about the Brother ST371 HD sewing machine. The company Brothers make excellent quality sewing machines, and this is the very first and early model by this company. No matter there are many manual operations in this sewing machine, but still it proved to be the best for every day stitching world.

This is loved especially by beginners. We have discussed the entire features and accessories of this sewing machine and we certainly hope that you will find this article useful for your guidance and knowledge before you buy this sewing machine.




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