Leather products are always on the top and the priority of most people. However, not everyone can afford to have them every time. Therefore, people prefer self-work most of the time. These may include, making a leather keychain for your purse, or stitching a leather box for some purpose.

For such people, this article is here to provide them with complete information. Have a look first at how the leather box stitching is done to create a beautiful leather box.

Leather Box Stitching

Firstly, you need to take two leather pieces and stitch them together from the corner ends (by attaching them from the sides). It should look like a right-angled triangle shape. Then you are required to make the needle holes on the first leather piece. On the second leather piece, you just need to mark the leather holes and not make the rear holes on it.

doing a box leather stitch

Now join the two stitching holes and just mark the stitching holes and not punching them. Now simply start sewing it. Now sewing is not very simple as you need to take the thread in and out from the surface where you marked the stitching holes in the beginning.

While sewing, you will notice a bumpy part in the middle of the leather piece so you can just use a thin thread or tap with a hammer lightly. Now take the three-dimensional leather piece and here at this point, you will need to punch the holes for one leather piece.

For the other piece, make edge penetrating holes. Now again start sewing through the holes and join all the edges of the two leather pieces together. Finally, you have your leather box in front of you.

The leather box stitch is one of the most common stitches in leatherwork. It’s also one of the easiest to learn if you have never done it before! This guide will walk you through how to do the stitch, step by step. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Steps for Leather Box Stitch

  • Step one: First you’ll need to select two pieces of leather. How much is up to you! For this tutorial, I’m using about a 12″ x 18″ piece for each half. The size will change based on the project though so don’t worry too much about it. You can also use more than two separate pieces if that suits your needs better!
  • Next step – punch holes in the leather where the stitching will go through both layers at once. If you have an awl or other tool that works well with punching holes all over your work surface then feel free to use it here! Or, just place one layer down and hold another against it while moving around them quickly with something sharp like an Exacto knife.
sewing a box leather stitch
  • Next Step Next up, thread your needle! How you do this is totally up to you. You can use waxed linen or paracord if that is easier for you though I think it might be more difficult with those kinds of materials since they are thick and harder to work with. For now, we will just start off using regular old embroidery floss unless otherwise stated. Thread the end of the string through your needle’s eye so that about an inch sticks out on each side then pull back until there isn’t any slack left in either direction anymore. This way when you begin stitching – one stitch at a time mind you – the knot won’t have enough room to slide down into your leather piece as long as you keep the floss on top of it!
  • The next step is to begin stitching. How many stitches will depend on how big your project is. We recommend keeping them as close together as possible but no closer than half an inch apart for more sturdy results. In this example, we are using three holes per stitch and doing a simple square knot with each one because that’s what looks best in our opinion right now. It doesn’t matter which order they go in either – over or under makes no difference though if you do decide to use two pieces instead then try starting from whichever side would make threading easier later when finishing off the edges.


So this was all about the leather box stitching. However, if we compare the leather box stitching with a normal box stitching, then it seems to be a little tricky. But if we talk about the durability and the appearance, then the leather box is in the good books of people from this point of view. We have covered all the main steps in the above article, and we hope they will be helpful for you.

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