You own a leather jacket, and after wearing it at various events, you now want to store it professionally for a long time. But you don’t know how to keep your leather jacket. Then you do not worry about the required procedure.

Steps to Store a Leather Jacket

Just put a look at the below steps and protect your coat for a long time.

1. Clean Your Leather Jacket

First of all, you need to clean your leather jacket. The cleansing process is relatively more straightforward. For cleaning, you will have to pick up a bar of soap and lukewarm water. 

cleaning a leather jacket

Sink a cloth in this lukewarm soapy water, drain it. And then wipe the surface of your leather jacket with that cloth. Once you are done with the cleaning of your coat, then you hang it for drying. After drying, you will have to follow the below steps.

2. Brush your Leather Coat

Suppose your leather jacket has some more delicate fabrics such as hair, threads, or any tiny debris tackled on it. Then after the drying of your leather coat, you have to pick up suede or any coat brush with small bristles. 

brush your leather coat

With the help of this brush, try removing these more delicate objects trapped in your leather jacket. This brushing step will help you in giving a more excellent look to your coat.

3. Covering with Breathable Material

Once you are done with brushing, now, for the long-lasting durability of your leather jacket, you need to cover it with small pieces or either one large piece of paper. But plastic is not recommended. So could you not use it?

You should use a breathable fabric like acid-free paper for better results. As you pick up this type of paper, cut it into pieces. 

Then cover the inside area, pockets, and outside of your jacket with these acid-free paper pieces. This paper covering method has been proved beneficial for avoiding any dirt or bugs in your leather jacket when you are storing it for quite a long time.

4. Maintain a Suitable Temperature 

In this step, many people make a mistake. They unintentionally store their leather jackets in an area where the heat is high. 

And as a result of exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight, they lose the fine quality of their leather coats because a high temperature fades the colour of your leather jacket, thus reducing the good-looking appearance of your jacket.

Maintain a Suitable Temperature 

You must not make this mistake. For the better protection of your jacket, avoid hanging it in high temperatures. Overall the best temperature to store a leather jacket is approximately 60-70 Fahrenheit.

Consequently, always protect your leather jacket from direct sunlight or heat sources and too much humidity.

5. Pick Wide Wooden Hangers

Leather jackets can’t be hanged it in any random hanger. In this case, for the appropriate hanging of your leather jacket, you should use a wide wooden hanger.

Pick Wide Wooden Hangers

Why this?

Firstly, creases spoil your leather outfit. Therefore the reason is that a wide hanger prevents your jacket shoulders from drooping down, hence protecting your coat from any slight creases. 

Secondly, plastic or any other hanger made of a fragile material cannot hold your heavy-weight leather jacket. Therefore instead of a plastic hanger, you should opt for a wooden hanger.  

6. Select Appropriate Storage Area

When choosing a storage area, never select a wholly closed or too porous area for your coat.

It would be best if you avoided an area where direct sunlight falls or where are high chances of warmth because your jacket may dry away due to such high heat.

Select Appropriate Storage Area

It would be best if you looked for an area in your home with room temperature and humidity of about 40 to 50% because there are high chances that your coat will mildew due to high humidity.

7. Conditioning of Your Leather Jacket

One of the crucial steps for the beneficial storage of your leather jacket is that you should condition it.

Use a conditioner to keep the jacket soft and moist for a long time. And conditioning also helps you in removing dust gathered on your coat during its long storing. It also avoids cracks on your jacket by avoiding its dryness.

Adding a Conditioner on a Leather

You should never exceed once a month for conditioning your leather jacket.

8. Avoid Placing With Other Clothes

It would be best to try to hang your leather jacket separately from any other coloured clothes because there are high chances that these clothes will impart colours to your leather jacket.

Avoid Placing With Other Clothes

Thus it would help if you did not hang all types of fabrics together.


That was a step-by-step procedure for storing your leather jackets. After reading this, now you know how to hold your leather jacket for a lifetime just by keeping the above precautionary steps in mind. Later understanding these steps, you are perfect enough to store your leather jacket even at home.

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