Having original leather products gives a sense of luxury and elegance. However, many people are highly fond of leather products and they tend to have every tiny little product made up of leather only. These people are called ‘’leather addicts’’. However, many people have different leather demands, meeting those demands can be sometimes tricky. However, one of the most famous and trendy demands is the leather keychain. So how to make a leather keychain is discussed step-wise in this article.

Stay fashionable while staying organized with Fancy Leather Keychain. Fancy Leather keychains are the perfect accessory to have on you every day! They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style. Fancy leather keychains are great for people who have trouble finding their keys because they are easy to spot when they fall on the ground or get tossed into a pile of other things. Fancy leather keychains also make fantastic gifts for friends and family members who love being fashionable while staying organized!

Why Fancy leather chains are so popular?

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 Fancy Leather Fancy leather chains make wearing keys a more stylish experience. Fancy leather is not only available in keychains, but wallets and belts as well! Fancy leather chains are made from cowhide or exotic animal skin which makes each wallet unique by nature of the natural variations found within the animal hides used to create them.

Fancy Leather Keychain

 Make sure that you have a nice fancy leather keychain for your car keys so that it looks better than others on your belt loop. It is the Best Way to Carry Your Cash and Keys on A Belt Loop If you’re looking for something different instead of just putting your money clips inside your pockets then try out this great way to carry cash and keys around with ease. This Fancy Leather Wallet Chain is a great way to carry your cash and keys on a belt loop. Fancy leather wallet chains are available in different designs, colors, and styles which makes them unique from all other kinds of wallets out there.

 As many of us know that belts have been around since the Stone Age so it’s no surprise that they’re still popular today! So why not upgrade yours with fancy leather belt loops? This new trend allows you to wear your bling while adding just enough edge without being too flashy or tacky about it.

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Steps to follow

  • Before you decide to make a fancy leather keychain, you need to focus on the size of the keychain first, you can either go for a three to a five-inch leather keychain or you may keep it as long as you like.
  • For a good start, you should prefer lightweight leather as it is easy to handle and works well. Also, you need to have a proper balance over the measurements as they are very important. For instance, you cut a twelve-inch leather strip for making your keychain, then mark the center of the strip, go four inches out towards the end of the strip.
  • After this, draw a mid-line down the center. Now take the cord which you need for the keychain according to your required measurements. Mark an inch on the cord and cut the end parts sharply in a way that thin mark lines are left at both ends of the cord.
  • Now when all this basic cutting and approximations work is done and completed, so now you can attach them with glue. Firstly, glue up your base leather, leaving the end corners. After this glue the cord and stick this on the leather base right in the center.
  • When this is done, put a little more glue in the center, leaving the core ends. Then press gently and stick the edges, make sure they meet accurately with the other edge. Now go to your bone folder and draw a mid-line.
  • When you are even done with this, you can punch your stitching holes, so with a help of a groove, make your stitch line. After you have your stitch holes in the front, you can do the basic stitching and then rub and smoothen the edge line of the leather piece.
  • Further, you need to fold the piece and flatten the core ends to make an exact pattern and join them up with glue. Then put the key loop on the key on the keychain and here you are done with the process of making a leather keychain all by yourself.


So, these were the very basic and easy steps of making a leather keychain. We hope our article guide was a real help to you and you can now make a leather keychain all by yourself.

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