Everything has a price, sometimes the fee is paid in bucks, but in this case of soft and comfortable leathers, the price is both money and your time. 

Leather provides us with smooth and ageless texture, warmth, and ultimate cosiness. Thus, it needs love and care in return too. This article will guide you on how to keep leather from cracking naturally or prevent the cracks from happening in the first place.

Beforehand, let’s look at the theory of why do leather cracks and peels. 

As you know, original leather is dead skin that is piled up with tanning chemicals, and it contains micropores that require moisture to retain its shape and structure. 

Tricks to Keep Leather from Cracking

So, cracks can form when the leather is exposed to sunlight and an extremely dry or moist environment for a prolonged time. Leather can also absorb body oils and sweat, resulting in deformed shapes and cracks.

How to Keep Leather from cracking?

Keeping leather from cracking requires routine checks and prevention. Refraining from extended time out in the sun or keeping it away from excessive water will slow its ageing process. 

But the question arises, what to do if small cracks start appearing? And here are some simple and practical solutions to this problem.

1. Cleaning

cleaning the leather

Take baby soap or body wash and dilute it with eight times water to wash the leather. You can also buy a cleaner online or from furniture stores.

Wet a microfiber towel with the cleaner and rub the surface of the leather chair, jacket, or sofa. When you finish with the cloth, let the surface dry. It will take about 10-20 minutes.

2. Conditioning

conditioning the leather

Like our skin, leather also needs some pampering and moisture. Leather conditioners are readily available in stores and online. Place the dots of conditioner over the cracks and spread it evenly with fingers, microfiber cloth, back of a spoon, or a brush. 

Let the conditioner fill and sink into the cracks. Clean the excess product with the towel. Leave it to dry and absorb completely; ideally, it will take overnight to settle in. Repeat the process till your desired results. 

Bonus tip: Conditioning your leather jacket and car seat once a month and sofa in three months will help to keep the leather from cracking naturally.

3. Rubbing

rubbing the leather

Extra fine sandpaper can help you smooth the surface, but do not go in with harsh or coarse sandpaper. Use the finest paper with evenly distributed pressure to keep the top gentle and smooth. 

Gently rub for a few minutes until you feel the desired cosy texture. Lastly, clean the surface with a cloth to take the dust away. 

4.  Filler

filling the leather with filler

If you think your leather is long gone and is slowly transforming into the pit, then you are in dire need of a leather crack filler. First, clean the fabric as mentioned above and let it dry completely. 

Moisture can stop the filler from doing the job; when it is thoroughly dried, spread over the filler, settle it with a knife, and scrape the extra product. Let it dry and use colour dye if needed.

The Life Saving Dos and Don’ts

If you want to keep the leather forever, then remember these points of how to keep leather from cracking and try to adapt these into your life. The best thing is you can incorporate them easily and abstain from getting in all the post-crack prevention.


  • Clean your wet or oily hands with the leather of a sofa or jacket. The moisture will absorb into the leather and form more cracks.
  • Use harsh perfumes or fragrances, as it stains the fabric. Rubbing the fabric hard while cleaning to remove stains can cause further damage and color patches.
  • Put leather in direct contact with heat sources. It can quickly catch fire, shrink in, be affected, or deep fibers will burn.


  • Clean your leather sofa, car chairs, and jacket once a week. Cleaning the leather will remove extra dirt the can attain in pores.
  • Use a conditioner now and then to prevent deep cracks. Moisturizing is an integral part of keeping the fabric flexible and smooth.
  • Place the leather in an airy space to diminish its smell. Breezy cool space is suitable for leather as it lightens the scent and is good for drying.


These things will surely help you to restore leather material or how to keep leather from cracking. They are easy, affordable, and require little to no time to save your loving seats, dresses, or shoes. Then what are you waiting for? Try these tips to repair cracked leather, and let us know your feedback.

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