People who have really big cupboards and large spaces for their wardrobe, may not need to fold a leather jacket as they can hang it on as it is. However, when it comes to compact spaces, then it might become a problem. But when you have some great and useful ideas about how to fold a leather jacket then it may save a lot of space and be easy.

So here in this article, there are some useful tips gathered for you to follow and save much of your wardrobe space, even after keeping a leather jacket.

Method 1

Firstly lay down the jacket on a flat surface and try to make it as flat and straight as possible to avoid any wrinkles on the jacket. Next, you need to zip up the jacket and again lay it out straight with your palms. If you have a hood, so just flatten it out and then take the arms or sleeves and pull them over to the opposite side.

If the arms are very long so just pull them over a little bit, and do the same with the other arm. Now divide the jacket into three sections, then start folding one section and bring it towards the center part. Repeat this process with the other part as well.

After folding the sections, you have got one single part and now it is totally up to you that you want to fold it or roll it.  Rolling it about one-third or so is best as it consumes a little space and you can then fold the entire part inside the hood. Here you are done, happy folding!

Method 2

This method appears to be a little different from method 1 above. Here, after flattening the jacket, you need to pull the underside of the jacket over in on itself.  You need to have more room for this depending on the size of the jacket. Once this is done, jack it down and then fold the arms from both sides together leaning upon each other.

After this, just fold the jacket about one-third of the way, and then you have one section remaining only to be folded up now. Now take one end and fold the jacket over and over on itself until you get the desired result. So this is done here.


So these are some of the simple ways of how to fold a leather jacket. We tried to pen down every required detail regarding the methods of folding a leather jacket and we hope you would like our article. And we certainly hope you have got the best folding methods here. Do let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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