Most people are very fond of leather bags, shoes, and other products too. They keep it for years and use them. Apparently, over time, these leather products start to fade color and these people can no longer flaunt it publicly with the faded color.

However, no more worries for those people as there are still some unique tips and tricks to follow. You can use these techniques to darken leather and reuse your favorite purse and pair of leather shoes.

How to restore the Darkened Leather?

Flaunt off your dark leather by making it back to its original color. Dab some alcohol or grape vinegar on the darkened part of the shoe using a cotton swab. Flaunt off your dark leather by spraying water on shoes with an old toothbrush, if you have one at home. Continue doing this for about 30 minutes and then dry them well before wearing them again. You can also use baking soda to clean leather rubber soles that are stained black from walking in wet areas.

a darkened leather jacket

A simple way is to mix equal amounts of salt, flour, lemon juice, and white vinegar until they form a paste.  Flaunt Off Your Darkened Leather Flaunt off your dark leather by applying the paste to the stained area. Flaunt Off Your Darkened Leather Let it dry for about half an hour then rinse with water and wipe clean using a damp cloth or paper towel.

Buffing Shoes

 Flaunt off your dark leather by buffing shoes with some soap after polishing them well. Flaunt off your dark leather by dusting powder over them before wearing again if salt, flour, lemon juice, and white vinegar does not work up as expected.

buffed and shining leather shoes

Many women want to wear leather, but they don’t know-how. Flaunt Off Your Darkened Leather shows you how! It is important to preserve and maintain your leather clothing so it does not darken over time. Flaunt Off Your Darkened Leather will show you what products work best for specific materials and we can even help recommend colors that compliment your skin tone the most! With Flaunt Off Your Darkened Leather’s tips on caring for these amazing pieces of fashion, keeping them looking fresh and fabulous has never been easier!

Darkening a Leather Process

The most used and successful technique to darken leather is using coconut oil with a soft cotton pad for padding over. Take a cotton pad and pour some coconut oil on it to apply it to the bag. Begin with a smaller patch of the leather bag so that it may go all over smoothly. You will start seeing a difference from what it was before, the color and the texture will start to change gradually.

black leather texture

The best thing about coconut oil is that it does not transfer the oil onto your hands, instead, it gets absorbed in the leather very nicely. As you finish the other patches too, you will start feeling that the leather is getting glossier and smoother and the more you apply oil you apply, the darker those patches of leather become.

However, if you want to darken only a little bit and not a jet dark color, you may apply less amount of coconut oil. So you can adjust the color according to your taste. Most people love the chocolaty dark color so they tend to have a heavy hand on the coconut oil while applying.

After you are done with the end part, you will get a nice dark chocolate brown color of your leather article. Although this sounds easy and simple, it is pretty time-consuming. Also, you have to work well with your hands while applying the coconut oil with the cotton pad.

Important Tip

It is highly recommended to only use coconut oil for darkening the leather, as other oils such as olive sesame oil do not have a very good scent. Coconut oil has a nice scent plus it gives a nice greasy and refined texture.


So these were the basic steps of how to darken your leather products, no matter whatever it is. You can surely use the coconut oil trick on a leather jacket, leather purse, leather shoes, or even a leather couch. We hope you have got all queries answered and you can get on very well.

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